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Samantha Nagel

Samantha Nagel (she/her) is a bestselling published poet, fiction writer, staff writer at New Mexico Entertainment Magazine and Pride & Equality Magazine, community organizer, developmental editor, beta reader, and a proud member of the shadow cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Guild Cinema.

Samantha lives in New Mexico with her partner and two dogs.

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Featured Review of Nasty Woman

five star rating
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This book is filled with hard-hitting lines that bring you back to feelings you've burrowed in the shadows. It's like a cup of coffee: bold, warm, and aquired taste, an instant favorite for most and for few, a thing that grows on you.

Samantha touches on how the body keeps the score, putting words to habits we all struggle with daily. Discussing the traumatizing events within poems like Untrue Lessons has your heart in a gut wrenching grip, seeing words that you've been afraid to admit aloud splain across a page.

She captures the true nature of the dark alleys of girlhood: self-isolation, going into places you don't wish to return, and subconciously recalling memories that you never want to experience again. Feeling isolated and doing everything possible to keep someone you don't even want to stay in Scars is almost a universal experience. In Love Languages, depicting the safe space we create [for men] as women who are seen as blankets to be thrown over rotting tables. In We Were All Eve Once and Build a Woman Workshop: portaying stripping off your identity to appease others.

As you read, you watch the struggle with letting go of the past and embracing the growth you have made because of it. She explores the human wrestling match of faith that we all ask ourselves, even if we won't admit it to anyone else. The reoccurant theme of finding peace within your body is a topic of conversation that doesn't diminish with time and wisdom, but she puts her honesty on a page for young girls and wise women alike to feel seen and heard. Samantha debuts with a beautiful collection of poetry that will have you thinking about it for days to come.

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Nasty Woman

In Samantha Nagel's bestselling poetry collection, Nasty Woman, she explores hope, grief, love, loss, and, above all, the experience of learning to love oneself despite not knowing how. Through her raw and real exploration, Nagel expresses what it's like to be on the messy, wild, and non-linear journey of healing. Nasty Woman is a mirror into what makes all of us unruly, nuanced, and so outrageously human.

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Read Coven of Moon & Mist on Kindle Vella!

In the oppressive village of Eldrida, a young lesbian witch named Amara discovers her pivotal role in a prophecy foretelling the realm's liberation. Descended from powerful queens, she grapples with self-doubt amidst political intrigue and a tyrannical king's oppression. Finding strength in her coven, they unite to restore balance and justice in 'Coven of Moon and Mist.' This tale weaves themes of resilience, friendship, and women's rights with sapphic romance and fantasy.

This story is available on Kindle Vella, under Samantha’s pen name, Ember Michelle.




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Ember Michelle

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Developmental Editing & Book Coaching

Whether you're a budding writer working on your first novel or a seasoned author looking to take your manuscript to the next level, Samantha is here for affordable and collaborative developmental editing and beta reading. Let her partner with you on your creative journey to craft a manuscript that truly shines and resonates with your audience. Click here to see the pricing list.